Board of Directors, Bylaws, and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors

To learn more about the Board of Directors positions, click on the titles below. 


President(s): Jillian Cano and Alexis MacIlvain
President(s)-Elect: vacant

Treasurer (current): Megan Quinn (current) and Patrick Torney (incoming)
Secretary: Carrie Frank

Vice President of Communication (new role effective July 1, 2018): vacant

Director of Programming: Jen Cullinan, Tracy Kolarich and Stacey Stein
Director of Fun & Fundraising: Vivian McDonald, Brooke Lalumiere, Heather Cramer and Vanessa Moors
Director of VolunteersJessica Goldberg and Liane May
Board of Education Delegate: Ryan Gleason and Vatsal Thakkar

Ed. Budget Rep: Mimi Sengupta       
PTA Council Delegate: Vanessa DeSantis and Kate O'Connor
Past President/Advisor: Kristen Lundbye
Principal: Liz McGoey

Bylaws and Standing Rules

The Stratfield PTA is governed by bylaws that are in line with the bylaws set forth by the Connecticut and National PTA. In addition, the Stratfield PTA has adopted standing rules to outline practices not otherwise covered in the bylaws. Click on the following links for more information:

Stratfield PTA Bylaws

Stratfield PTA Standing Rules: Financial Practices

Stratfield PTA Standing Rules: Meeting Guidelines

Stratfield PTA Standing Rules: Nominating Committee


Committee Chairs

Check out our current list of co-chairs and open positions. To learn more about these committees, visit our volunteer opportunities page.


If you are a current co-chair and would like to obtain a copy of a committee report, please contact Liane May, Vice President of Volunteers.